Well, I am currently an undergrad student of Engineering major (Mechanical) at the University of Pune, India.

Talking about studies, I have nothing but keenĀ interest in every engineering field that promises growth of the technology and knowledge no less than the other.

Fond of Graphics, Computational Design, Design Thinking, Programming and Research.

I have always been fascinated with theoretical physics, and as I believe in the String Theory, sometimes, I dream about finding the 11th dimension!

I have an eccentric devotion to the TV Shows, especially Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Japanese Anime are the best. Code Geass, Death Note and Steins;Gate are some of my favorites.

The blog of this website is just a vague example of my so-called writing, or mythical thinking to be exact. Word is the wisdom. Wisdom conspires itself.

To mention what people might call it as a hobby; Sketching, Music and playing the guitar is my ecstasy. John Petrucci is legendary.

That should be enough for now, I guess. But I couldn’t resist myself from adding one more sentence.

Time is expanding. Winter is coming. The Miracle is sleeping. All hail Lelouch!