Pursue: The Ultimate Quest

People always tend to advise other people about pursuing their dreams and goals. As succinct as the advice can be, the “other” people are often found meandering about their ultimate quest. And sometimes I find myself within the same group of people having lost the ardor.

I manage to execute a simple protocol, for when these tough times roll and see the light. Just imagine with closed eyes and a tranquil conscience. All the different wonders and achievements that can be accomplished by no one but only you. Let this little stream of imagination guide you to the path of lucidity and may you stumble upon the dream only to pursue.

This stream of imagination shall take me to the ocean.



The Dream

The path of losing conscience, as I see it, is the closest thing that can be used to experience a journey of the profound fantasies and this surreal imagination.

Unveil the mysteries and essence of the night that is only abysmal.

Lucidity is the key.

The Mourning

Tempted, as I’ve become by the profound stream of my imagination.

We always lead most of our lives making things seem plausible and reasonable by relinquishing our imagination, our stream. We obey our respects and we abide by the mystified principles that are just as shallow only because we seek pleasure and our soul is frightful. The person you are is just your imagination and the person you aspire to be is also just an imagination. Suppress the conformity and transcend into the flow of stream. For when I never lived in distress, simply conceiving the dominance of my imagination, I shall never mourn my life.

The Time

Time, its hideous and benevolent. It is going to curse and smother until infinity. The measure of it is yet, sometimes, frowned. And it just flows. Galaxies are formed and perished, now it may be dependent on various factors but the one most important is Time. Time never changes. One can never feel it but only realize. For I worship it, I shall thrive even in suffering.